Pan-European Car Transportation on Rail


BLG AutoRail is a specialized service provider for vehicle transportation on rail track across Europe.


Since end of 2008 BLG AutoRail constantly invests in modern double deck wagons for vehicle transportation.


Towards the end of 2011, the fleet already consisted of 820 wagons, an 1.085 in the end of 2012. Since mid-year 2014 we raised up to 1,275 wagons. That makes BLG AutoRail one of the leading providers in this market line, with state-of-the-art equipment of various capabilities.


Europe's rail traffic deregulation changed the operating conditions for the market participants significantly.


To be able to respond to this in time, BLG AutoRail invested not only in its wagon park but in a shunting yard with 18 km of rails upon that and took over the rail station Falkenberg/Elster from DB Netz AG in 2011. It was invested and built up on infrastructure, signaling equipment as well as a modern wagon work body shop. Measures, taken to achieve the required capacities, in order to perform marshaling, enable for maintenance of equipment and for the temporary wagon storage.


In October 2011, BLG AutoRail went into operation with two own Locomotives, shunting service performances as well as preventing maintenance of its wagons. Services are carried out by the 100% subsidiary, BLG RailTec GmbH, domiciled in Falkenberg/Elster. The entire service range is available for other wagon proprietors, too (

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Our signal is at growth !

For this reason we constantly increase our wagon park.


At present BLG AutoRail holds 1.275 Wagons.


Check on our website for technical information on our double deck wagons, or for maintenance.